Radon Products

Radon Products


EPA approved short-term activated charcoal test device for 2 – 4 day test period. Pricing includes domestic shipping, analysis, and published report within 48 hours from date received at laboratory. Overnight return shipping required for accurate analysis.
Quantity pricing available on larger orders. Please contact us directly with your testing needs.


EPA approved long-term device for 91 – 365 day test period. Post test analysis period is typically two weeks. Quantity pricing is available on larger orders. Please contact us directly with your testing needs.

RADON VAPOR MATTING 100 linear foot bundle

Soil gases and contaminates such as radon and VOCs may be present in the soil of any future building site. Therefore, installing radon vapor matting under the slab will allow the soil gases to easily migrate to vent stacks that exhaust above the roof line of the building rather than allowing the soil gases to enter the building through cracks and penetration in the slab. This helps to create a safer and healthier environment inside the building.

Minimum order: 100 linear foot bundle. Bulk pricing is available for large commercial projects.


We can handle your large or small testing projects for commercial buildings, multi-family housing, assisted living facilities, day cares, or schools, eliminating the complexities and stress associated with mandatory testing requests. Whether its 5 locations or 500, let Radon Professional Services handle your radon testing needs.


Easy to use test kit for measuring waterborne radon. EPA approved. Analysis period 7 – 10 days. Overnight return shipping required for accurate analysis.


Soil analysis for radium 226 content.  We provide a detailed analysis of your soil samples to determine the potential for elevated radon in completed structures.

Typical analysis period is 12 – 14 days. Expedited service available for additional charge.

Quantity discount pricing is available on larger orders as well as turn key site extractions. Please contact us directly with your testing needs.


Modification of your project blueprints for specifications on pre-construction radon mitigation systems. We provide a comprehensive review of your building plans to determine the best and most economical approach to modify existing architectural plans to incorporate current radon resistant construction standards into your CAD prints. This will help to prevent expensive post construction radon mitigation. If the project is funded buy HUD, designs will comply with (CC1000) or most current HUD requirements for radon mitigation.

Our team can provide turnkey design and install services or just design CAD prints and materials required for others to install.