About Us

Certified Radon Testing Since 1989

In 1986, the state of Florida became the first state in the U.S. to regulate exposure of its citizens to naturally occurring radioactive materials in the environment. In 1988, the Florida legislature passed House Bill 1420 which required certification of persons and businesses performing radon measurement and mitigation services.

In 1989, Radon Professional Services became one of the first certified radon businesses in the State of Florida. Since that time we have developed a team of professional consultants, engineers, and contractors that have helped us grow to become one of the largest and the most service oriented radon businesses in the state. We have expanded our consulting and mitigation services beyond the state of Florida to as far north as Tennessee and as far west as Kansas.

Nationally Recognized Radon Professionals

We are nationally recognized as a primary laboratory with the National Radon Proficiency Program. Our staff members have met the rigid requirements to be listed with the NRPP/Radon Measurement Proficiency Program for testing and/or the Radon Mitigation Proficiency Program for radon abatement. Many of our staff consultants are state certified as licensed general contractors, and/or mechanical contractors.

Wide Range of Radon Mitigation and Consulting Services

Radon Professional Services is a board based and stable company that can provide a full range of radon related services to homeowners, commercial building owners, investors, multi-family property managers, government agencies, school systems, and other environmental companies. Our scope of services includes designs for radon resistant construction of single-family homes, large and small commercial buildings and multi-family housing.

We also provide radon consulting services for developers, asset managers and real estate investors.

Our staff is well trained to provide large- and small-scale testing services that comply with the established radon testing protocols required by professional organizations, the military, and other government agencies.