Residential Radon Mitigation Systems in Gainesville and Ocala

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Radon Professional Services specializes in Commercial and Residential Radon Mitigation System design, testing, mitigation, and consulting. We are extremely proud to be Florida’s leading provider of radon related services to homeowners, commercial building owners, investors, multi-family property managers, government agencies, school systems, and other environmental companies.

ASD & SMD Radon Mitigation Systems

In the third quarter of 2021 our professional team has developed and installed dozens of custom residential active radon mitigation systems in Gainesville, Citra, Ocala, and throughout North Florida. 87% of the systems we installed were Active Soil Depressurization Systems (ASD) and 13% of the systems installed were Submembrane Depressurization Systems (SMD).

The average pre-mitigation radon levels for these properties was 13.7 (pCi/L). The average post mitigation radon tests after our mitigation systems were installed for these same properties is 2.0 (pCi/L).

We’ve been proudly mitigating and testing in Gainesville, Alachua, and Ocala for over 30 years. If you think you need a test or mitigation system please give us a call or send a message online today. We’d be glad to help make your home a radon resistant structure.

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Radon Professional Services

In 1989, Radon Professional Services became one of the first certified radon mitigation businesses in the State of Florida. Since that time we have developed a team of professional consultants, engineers, and contractors that have helped us grow to become one of the largest and the most service oriented radon businesses in the state. We have expanded our consulting and mitigation services beyond the state of Florida to as far north as Tennessee and as far west as Kansas.